It’s the Little Things

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When planning a PR campaign, it’s understandable that a client may want to initially focus on how to create big media splashes. There’s no denying the excitement and buzz that a magazine cover story or a high-profile television appearance can create, especially those in consumer channels.

However, companies and their PR teams need to devote a good chunk of their time and energy to meat-and-potato, blocking-and-tackling tactics. These efforts may seem unglamorous at first but they can be extremely effective at building a company’s profile, growing its client base and improving its relationship with investors.

Here are some of those tactics that can drive big results:

Case studies. When a client’s prospective client can see their success with current customers, that’s powerful. At LTM, we produce case studies for our clients regularly, whether that is once a month, once a quarter or whatever makes the most sense based on their needs.

There are several things to keep in mind when putting case studies together, but among the most important is to incorporate as much data as you can. That’s because a case study should outline some idea of what the financial and operational effect of using your client’s product would be. If you have statistics that show these kinds of benefits, you can put together a truly impactful piece.

Blogs. Whether they appear on a client’s own website or on a third-party platform, such as a blog hosted by a trade publication, blog posts are a great way for a client to showcase their expertise on the topics that matter most to their target audiences.

The most important thing with blogs is to avoid self-promotion. They need to be educational, informative and provide high-level thought leadership on critical issues.

E-mail newsletters. These are useful for keeping a client’s investors – as well as its own associates – in the loop about recent company news, personnel announcements and upcoming initiatives. And when investors feel they are kept well informed, they are more likely to maintain their relationship with a client over the long term.

Speaking opportunities at industry conferences. When a client’s executives appear as panelists at conferences, they have a hard-to-beat chance to put their expertise on full display in front of potential customers, investors and partners. An experienced PR firm can help its clients submit relevant and well-thought-out session proposals and speaking applications to the right conferences and events. And if a client gets a chance to appear on a panel, PR firms have to be ready to make sure the client is thoroughly prepared for the occasion.

When a team wins a championship, it’s almost inevitable that commentators and writers will praise it as one that “does the little things right.” Well, what’s true in the sports world is true in PR: when a campaign consistently does the fundamental, basic things well, the client is bound to experience a high level of success.

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