A Thankful Account Director

Thanks Giving Day Background

Bear with me because it is about to get Velveeta® cheesy in this blog.

As many of you probably know, I am a mom and I am an account director for LinnellTaylor Marketing. Both jobs are challenging and extremely rewarding.While my kids remind me almost daily about how awesome it is to be their mom, my clients show me their appreciation in a variety of ways.

A few weeks ago, I was particularly reminded on just how incredible my job is and why I continue to work at LinnellTaylor and for our clients.

A little background: after having our daughter four years ago, I made the choice to limit my travel to client-specific meetings only. Thankfully I have a company, boss and coworkers who understand why limited travel is important to me and my family – even though I play a larger role in our client services. This year I felt more comfortable traveling for longer periods of time and had the chance to attend the National Multi-Housing Council OpTech 2018. It was my first industry-wide conference in four years, and it was awesome.

While at the conference, I was super busy helping one of our clients completing video testimonials, but I was also able to see so many familiar faces, chat and catch up on the last four years with them. I found myself refreshed; reinvigorated about our industry and relieved to know so many people I have grown to love over the last 12 years in multifamily are still around and just as amazing as ever.

My experience at OpTech, and in the weeks after, inspired me to reflect on what I am grateful for in this crazy, stressful, rewarding job as a PR account director. So, here comes the cheese – a short list of what I am thankful for in 2018 and what I will carry on into 2019:

Face time. No, I am not talking about FaceTiming with someone. I mean actually being in a person’s presence. Giving them a hug, seeing their facial expressions and chatting about whatever. I am a people person and thrive on this face-to-face time. So, though traveling can be stressful and requires strategic planning around the kids, I am so thankful to be back.

Successes & failures. As silly as this sounds, I am grateful for both the wins and disappointments in account management. There really is nothing more exciting than sharing with a client that you have landed an article or speaking opportunity for them. That’s the easy part. But in failures we have a tremendous opportunity to grow our relationship with our clients. It offers a chance to re-strategize, adjust, pursue their goals and achieve successes even more diligently.

Clients who challenge me to be better. All of my clients are different. Some are very strong-willed and know exactly what they want and how they want it; others are more open to suggestion. And I love them all. They challenge me to do better, to be more strategic, and to deliver great results for them. Yes, there are days as an account director that are very stressful but at the end of the day, I always love my clients and for that I am grateful.

Clients who trust me. While I try to keep a clear plan in place for clients, sometimes things change. Through strategic or tactical recommendations, it’s up to me help them prepare and adjust to the new normal. I am humbled and honored to have clients who trust me and my guidance for their account. I will never take that trust for granted.

My LTM family. We are small but we are mighty. We are there for each other and our clients. This is the most hardworking group I know. We are a great mix of laser focus, crazy, strategic thinking and playfulness. I am thankful for their understanding and appreciation of my sarcasm and my passion for what we do. I am even more grateful for them calling me out when needed and having my back no matter what.

My Family. I am nothing without them. To avoid the ugly cry, I am going to leave it at that.

Now I warned you, this would be super cheesy but I make no apologies for it. It is who I am. And as we enter the holiday season, it is so important to reflect on our year and where we are in life. I am pretty damn lucky to work for LinnellTaylor, to have an amazing line-up of clients and to have a little family who is so proud of me.

Finally, to all who have read this entire cheese-filled blog, I wish you a holiday season of love and laughter and a 2019 filled with face time, successes and failures, people who challenge you and people who trust you, a work family who gets you and a family who loves you.

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