Speak like Katniss Everdeen: Our Tribute to Multifamily Conferences

Businesswoman Addressing Delegates At Conference

Our favorite season is upon us! Any guesses as to what it is? Budget season? Nope … we aren’t masochists. The holiday season? Not quite. I’m not a fan of holidays that take up more than their fair share of the calendar. Okay, if you haven’t guessed it yet, it’s conference season! Hooray!

So why is conference season my favorite time of year? I mean, don’t get me wrong, conference submissions are stressful. Creating content that will drive our industry forward is no daunting task. Finding the right panelists for the content and gathering their details can be even more challenging. But knowing that the conversations you facilitate will ultimately help people find homes is the most rewarding thing I do on a professional level.

At LTM, we submit content on behalf of our clients. We have conversations with them about what innovative concepts they are exploring internally and what the industry has been discussing recently. It’s always a goal to get as many clients on stage as possible, because the benefits far outweigh the investment of time and energy. Here are some of them:

Our Clients are Thought Leaders
Speaking at a conference, whether as a presenter, panelist or moderator always gives apartment operators the platform to demonstrate how they are leading the industry or exploring new innovations to streamline operations, marketing, technology integrations and leasing. It allows session attendees to learn from you and positions each speaker as an industry leader.

Positively Position Your Organization
Speaking at a conference also carries great value for your company, as well. Seeing panelists represent their organizations and speak to how they are able to collaborate between different internal departments, onboard new supplier partners, integrate and test new technologies and use technology to enhance their overall efforts is the best way to strengthen your brand name. It also positions the organization for future investments partnerships and growth within the industry.

Strengthen Your Recruiting Efforts
By establishing yourself and your organization as a thought leader within multifamily, you position the organization to recruit high caliber individuals. Conference attendees are a primed audience eager to learn how other multifamily organizations are using technology, creating a positive work culture and more. Speaking on stage about how your organization is working towards these things is the best way to attract new employees.

Conferences are a lot of work, yes. And often I feel as if the submission process is very much like The Hunger Games. You do the work, create innovative content and hope that the odds are ever in your favor (and that you don’t have to kill yourself with nightlock berries). But when successful, conference presenters reap long-lasting rewards.

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