Emergency vehicle lighting

It doesn’t matter how incredible your culture is or what your reputation is today. Someday, you’re going to encounter a crisis, especially in the multifamily and hospitality industries. Bad things happen where people sleep. How you respond to residents, guests, the media and associates during a crisis is critical to your organization’s reputation. We’re crisis experts who can help manage a crisis in a way that minimizes brand damage and positions you for future success. Our agency can:

  • Provide strategic and tactical guidance on how to manage communications in any crisis that impacts your community or hotel.
  • Create crisis communications packages that prepare you to respond quickly.
  • Act as spokesmen and women during difficult to manage crises.
  • Respond to media inquiries regarding crisis.
  • Train¬†spokesmen and women to speak to the media effectively to mitigate coverage and alleviate concerns about the organization.
  • Create action plans to prevent incidents from occurring in the future and improve communications processes.
  • Develop communications programs to recover from negative media attention coming from a crisis.

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