Stay Innovative in Multifamily


Often we look to competitors or major REITs to lead the way in innovation. We let other’s test new technologies, wait for their results, learn from them and then implement accordingly. Achieving a best-in-class reputation can only be accomplished by looking outside of our own industry and adapting systems and procedures that can be applied in new and exciting ways internally.

As a PR Agency, we pride ourselves on positioning our clients as thought leaders in multifamily. Our clients are the first to implement smart home technology in their apartment communities, they are thinking about Artificial Intelligence solutions and how they can be leveraged to streamline the leasing experience for both leasing teams and prospects. They invest in maintenance teams, are expert developers and set the standard in building company culture and fostering positive work environments.

In order to stay ahead of our industry, I think it’s important to go to non-multifamily conferences that focus on cutting edge technologies and processes. Here’s a list of conferences to choose from that focus on technology and innovation in a variety of categories.

  • CES is a consumer technology conference that takes place in January of every year. Major consumer brands release features and developments they think will make an impact on lifestyle.
  • SXSW Interactive is another conference that does a good job of including thought leaders from a variety of tracks. This conference usually takes place in March of every year and features tracks on lifestyle, technology, education, marketing and journalism.
  • Inbound is a marketing conference that discusses all topics related to content creation, lead generation, remarketing and more. Attendees learn the latest in SEO, PPC, Ad creation and lead tracking technologies and how to put them to work at their organizations.

Depending on the area of expertise, there are a number of conferences dedicated to discussing innovation in multiple areas of your business, including creativity, design, leadership, organizational structuring, culture, and more. Here is a list of conferences dedicated to innovation to get you started.

The best way to maintain a best-in-class reputation is to look outside your respective industry for new ideas and trends that you can apply internally. By attending non-industry conferences, you can meet new people, listen to innovative ideas and learn from the best in their respective fields.

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